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Opportunity for the Retail Food Association Collaboration to Leverage its Collective Outreach --- Status of NRFT Industry Outreach Materials

Posted on August 02, 2019

Blog: Association of Food & Drug Officials (AFDO)

Due to a change in operational procedures at our DHHS warehouse in Perry Point, Maryland, the National Retail Food Team Industry Outreach Work Group has been informed that the remaining supplies of printed Industry Outreach (formerly known as Oral Culture) story board posters will no longer be available there in print after September 2019.

There are ten different versions of 8.5 x 11 posters in the warehouse, each in 7 languages. These posters are glossy-finished on heavy duty card stock and are perfect to pass out to food industry employees or post in employee work or training areas. Every poster will be in 1 of 7 foreign languages on 1-side and English on the reverse. To view the posters, click on the weblink below:

To expedite the processing of ordering these materials, the CFSAN Division of Education, Outreach, and Information, Office of Analytics and Outreach has modified the Education Resource Library to narrow down the search for the IOWG/Oral Culture Story boards. To order posters, please go to the website:

Once there you’ll see a column of filters to help narrow down to the types of materials they want to see. They have a new filter, Oral Culture, at the bottom of that column. If they click on that, and only that, and then click Apply, the pages listing all the oral culture posters we have come up. They can then order via the ERL’s shopping cart system.

They have also adjusted the maximum number of copies of each poster that can be ordered. Those numbers vary according to the numbers of each poster in stock but most of them are 400 or 500, some are more, a few less. Remember, although they never printed any of the posters just in English, every foreign language poster has the English version on the reverse.

Please forward to your contacts who may be interested in obtaining copies of the oral culture learner project posters/storyboards.

Please order as many as you think you can store, but since these will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, there is no guaranty the poster or language you’ve requested will still be available.


National Retail Food Team Industry Outreach Workgroup

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