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Help raise awareness of local food safety!

Posted on May 09, 2023

Blog: National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO)

You know more than anyone how important food safety is to the health and economy of a community. That is why the Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative is sharing our Food Safety Heroes Campaign with you. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the value and importance of food safety and food safety professionals like you by telling food safety stories from local experts across the country.

The Collaborative invites you to share the videos and website widely with your local communities, including with leaders and decision-makers. Here are a few ways you can share:

  • Email the campaign link to your team/organization and ask staff to share them if they’re comfortable
  • Ask if your organization can share one or more videos on their social media platforms (you could consider boosting the post for as little as $20!)
  • Ask if you can include a link to the campaign webpage on your organization’s food safety webpage, if applicable
  • Share the videos and messages on your own social media channels or listservs

Watch the videos, sign the letter, and share the message!

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