CIFOR Toolkit

The Second Edition of the Toolkit was developed to help implement the second edition of the Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response, released in 2014. It contains worksheets and keys to success designed to help agencies identify which recommendations work best for their jurisdictions. The Toolkit is intended to:

  • help state and local health departments understand the Guidelines, 
  • conduct a self-assessment of their outbreak detection and investigation procedures,
  • implement appropriate recommendations from the second edition of the CIFOR Guidelines.

Who should use it: Collaborative groups of public health practitioners from any public health entity involved in the detection, investigation, control, or prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks.

View and download the full CIFOR Guidelines Toolkit. Individual sections include:

CIFOR Toolkit and Focus Areas:

CIFOR Toolkit Contents 
Document A – Toolkit Overview
Document B – Toolkit User Instructions
Document C – Toolkit User Instructions (Facilitator Cheat Sheet)
Document D – Preliminaries Worksheet
Document E – Selecting Focus Areas Worksheet Documents F1 – F11       
Focus Area 1 – Relationships       
Focus Area 2 – Necessary Resources       
Focus Area 3 – Communication       
Focus Area 4 – Complaint Systems       
Focus Area 5 – Pathogen-Specific Surveillance       
Focus Area 6 – Initial Steps       
Focus Area 7 – Epidemiology Investigation       
Focus Area 8 – Environmental Health Investigation       
Focus Area 9 – Laboratory Investigation      
Focus Area 10 – Control of Source and Secondary Spread       
Focus Area 11 – Food Recall
Document G – Sample Focus Area Worksheet
Document H – Uses of the Toolkit
Document I – Toolkit Tips for Facilitators
Document J – Participant Evaluation Form

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