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What our members' have to say...

“At a 2016 Southern California Regional Workshop hosted by Los Angeles County, participants used the CIFOR Guidelines and Toolkit as a platform for interactive brainstorming around improvements to foodborne outbreak investigations. The workshop provided a rare opportunity for local public health jurisdictions to network with partners in sister jurisdictions, sharing common issues and learning from other’s valuable experiences. Participants from various-sized jurisdictions shared solutions to resource limitations, communication methods, records management/tracking, data analysis capacity, etc.”

Roshan Reporter - LA County Department of Public Health

"The work completed at our CIFOR Toolkit Workshop will improve Nebraska’s ability to respond quickly to foodborne outbreaks, thereby reducing the number of cases of foodborne illnesses. Specifically, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department developed ten recommendations for action items, timelines and staff responsible for each. One participant described the Workshop as ‘super valuable,’ attributing it to generating ‘more communication and coordination than the state has had in recent history.’ Our progress is a solid indicator of the workshop’s success because that is what CIFOR is all about – reducing the disease burden caused by foodborne illness."

Scott Holmes - Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

"The CIFOR Toolkit has been a prominent and indispensable tool used by the Minnesota Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence (CoE). Specifically, Minnesota CoE staff have facilitated CIFOR Toolkit exercises in three states to bring together laboratorians, epidemiologists, public health nurses, and environmental health specialists to critically evaluate and plan improvements to their surveillance and response efforts. The CIFOR Toolkit was the essential framework that guided these discussions."

Kirk Smith - Minnesota COE