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Molecular Epidemiology and Sequencing Approaches in Public Health - Modules

The four online modules provide foundation knowledge on Whole Genome Sequencing. It is part of a training that includes four webinars on basic genomic principles.


The New York Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence are currently developing an online molecular epidemiology training through a collaboration with the CDC and the CDC Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence. This project is a multi-pronged approach to deliver training on whole genome sequencing (WGS) to health department and agriculture department staff who use WGS data for foodborne disease surveillance and outbreak investigations. 

Although the focus of this program will be to provide targeted training for epidemiologists, some of the training may also be appropriate for environmental health professionals and individuals working in public health labs. While most examples covered in the trainings focus on foodborne disease outbreak investigations, non-food (e.g., TB, Legionella, HIV) modules and training activities will also be included.

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Author New York Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence

Tool Type Training Resources

Topic Area Laboratory Investigation

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