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CIFOR Lab-Epi Integrated Reporting Software

Public health foodborne disease programs that receive daily pathogen reports from their public health laboratory are generally more successful at identifying and successfully investigating in-state and multistate foodborne disease outbreaks. Important information found in such reports includes a line-list of newly identified enteric isolates with associated serotype, pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) information and demographic data. Rapid identification of foodborne disease clusters improves case recall during investigations and increases the chance that an outbreak will be solved and public health interventions will be successful.

Many public health departments have independent epidemiologic and laboratory information management systems with no means of integrating data amongst them in a useful format which would facilitate rapid identification of foodborne disease clusters. The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) under the auspices of CIFOR worked with IT contractors and several pilot sites to develop CIFOR Lab-Epi Integrated Reporting software that facilitates structured reporting of laboratory data, leading to the rapid identification of in-state foodborne disease clusters by public health personnel. The open-source software has been designed to be database and platform independent, and represents a universal technology which can be used to improve outbreak detection until automated and continuous electronic epidemiology/laboratory links and cluster detection and evaluation mechanisms can be established.

The CIFOR Lab-Epi Integrated Reporting software version 1.0 is now available. Please download the CIFOR Lab-Epi Integrated Report Software User Guide for instructions on how to install the software.

The CIFOR Lab-Epi Integrated Reporting files include:

For more information regarding the CIFOR Lab-Epi Integrated Reporting software, please contact Kirsten Larson at